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Adds tilenol

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RT @stationainc: Just like a credit score tells you how good your financial standing is, your @stationainc Clean Energy Grade tells you how…

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@stationainc What a world of difference it makes when your state allows 3rd-party lease/PPA options for financing…

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Support GeoJSON representation

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[RFC] Consider upgrade to Go 1.18 generics

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RT @stationainc: 🔎 @stationainc data shows that buildings in previously redlined neighborhoods have high untapped, economically viable sola…

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RT @stationainc: 🎉 We are very excited to welcome Diane Tchuindjo as our newest #softwareengineer! Diane is bringing her extensive experien…

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Consider dropping starlette for ASGI typing

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RT @stationainc: 🥳 We are thrilled to welcome Noelle West as our #Marketing Leader! Noelle brings 10+ years of experience in product launch…

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[Bugfix] Allow `User-agent` to be null

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"Going for a curated, sanitized model would cost OpenSea a big slice of the NFT crowd that longs for a Wild West ec…

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@ataylorharbour I think it's important to ask the question: does tokenization/web3 actually improve liquidity/trans…

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Why even have a blockchain at this point if we are just going to end up in a re-centralized world of platforms? Tha…

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Adds Python 3.7 support per #13

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#Solar and you in #2022

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Python 3.7 support

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